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  1. Alexis Baergas

    I read the most recent article published by the Houghton Star about the 2011 graduate that struggled at Houghton since she was a queer. After reading, I was confused and concerned for her, the Houghton community that I’ve just moved into as a first year student, and my own well being. Honestly, what was the point in posting that article on a web periodical that just about every other student reads? In doing so, we share her concept that “Houghton hurts people.” When in reality it doesn’t. So what if she felt her sexuality conflicted with the covenant of the school? As a Houghton student it is our responsibility to abide in the Christian morality of the campus. In applying to this school we agreed to live our lives accordingly. From her standpoint I feel as though she encourages the reader to question the covenant and implies that it needs to be adjusted. She said she wouldn’t work there again unless the covenant changed, and no offense, but I hope it doesn’t. Christian morality can’t change because of the social expectancy surrounding it. Just because everyone is flocking to the “equality of love for all” and gay marriage support system, doesn’t mean Christians, in particular our school, has to bend and accommodate it. I hope Houghton College knows better than to be a people pleasing school and to stay true to what it does best; being a God pleasing school providing social guidance for students to live in a God serving environment. I don’t see the intended goal of this article being published or any significance for it really. I respect everyone’s opinion and I promise I am not prejudice of the gay community. Although I will say that I dislike unproductive conversation which is exactly what I read the article as. Thank you.

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