Music Industry Minor to be Offered Soon

A Music Industry minor has been approved to be included in next year’s catalog. Steven Plate, Associate Dean and Director of the Greatbatch School of Music, said, “We’re excited to be venturing into this vast and exciting area of music.”

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Mark Hijleh, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and professor of composition and conducting, said, “Offering the music industry minor is an important part of Houghton’s positioning itself for the future. All musicians in the 21st century need to have basic understanding of music technology, recording and the business aspects of music. Having this developing program will provide opportunities for many of our students to gain those abilities and perspectives, in addition to those that go into the field directly.”

The Music Industry minor focuses on business and management aspects of music. Facets studied in the minor include: Commercial music, like sales and music marketing entrepreneurship, performance, artistry, recording industry, music videos, and music editing; and, in addition to commercial music theory, topics such as sound manipulation, and live concert or theatrical elements.

Mark Hijleh said, “In addition to students who want to pursue the music industry professionally, and might major in either business or music, some students who are going into the ministry are likely to be interested.”

Plate said the courses will be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music and also that two courses, ProTools I and II, will issue certificates that are internationally recognized. All courses in the minor will be beneficial for students looking to use music talents for more than just personal enjoyment.


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    Please email me with more information on this–including prospected course costs. Thank you.

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